CLICK Data and WiFi Pricing Guideline

Here at CLICK Data and WiFi, our aim is to be honest and transparent when it comes to the pricing of our services. Whilst there will be factors that arise that will affect the end price, we will always discuss these openly with you so there are NO surprises at the completion of the job.

CLICK Data and WiFi offers a “turn-key” solution so you know that when we do the job, it will be done thoroughly and to a standard of quality that is unlike any other. In addition, we encourage our customers to contact us at anytime with questions or problems that may arise. Technology can be difficult sometimes and all you need is the right information and support to keep you up and running.

Every job is different and some can pose extra challenges, but because we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent, we will go through all options to make sure the solution you need is right for you.

As always, if you have any questions please ask, there is no hard sales pitches here, just clear constructive advice. Use the “Ask Us” button below or give Robbie a call on 0434 90 7827, or email info@clickdatawifi.com.au

Complete Installation Package:
Includes Starlink Dish

CLICK Data and WiFi have been in touch with Starlink / SpaceX and have been giving approval to offer a complete installation package, which includes the Starlink dish itself. 

What does this mean?

  1. CLICK Data and WiFi has the Starlink kit in stock
  2. NO waiting for delivery
  3. Faster installation times / NO waiting times
  4. A turn-key solution for you
  5. Customer support from CLICK Data and WiFi

Special Installation Price:
$1399 including GST

… this includes everything* (Installation + Residential Starlink Kit) 

… you don’t need to do anything except,
get in touch with us!

All billing and accounts will be with SpaceX as we will transfer the dish to you on installation day. CLICK Data and WiFi DO NOT sell the Starlink kit individually, ONLY as part of an installation package. CLICK Data and WiFi is not affiliated with SpaceX / Starlink in any way.

*travel fees may apply. Subject to site inspection. Starlink pole height may incur extra costs if above 2 metres.

Starlink Roof Mount

Starlink Installation Pricing and Additions

Starlink Install

Turn-key professional installation
$ 599
  • Full Installation
  • Quality Roof Mount
  • Cables Hidden
  • Flush Wall Plate
  • Waterproofing
  • Setup WiFi
  • Setup Devices
  • Demonstration
  • After Sales Service

Cleats Addition

Wind Bracing / Metal Purloins Option
$ +55
  • Sway Arm Stability
  • Used For Metal Purloins
  • Extra Wind Bracing

2m Mast Extension

Increase Mast to 2 Metres
$ +100
  • Used For Obstructions
  • Increased Height
  • Only If Necessary

4m Mast Extension

Increase Mast to 4 Metres
$ +200
  • Used For Obstructions
  • Increased Height
  • Only If Necessary


Travel Fees
$ 1
per kilometre
  • Can Be Incorporated Into Quote

As with all installations and the differences with home designs and structures, sometimes there will be differences in the pricing structures. However, we will discuss all costs and work-arounds before commencing work so you remain well informed – Robbie, Owner, CLICK Data and WiFi.

Starlink Hardware and Monthly Cost

The following pricings can be found at Starlink.com. These prices include the hardware once off cost and the ongoing costs associated with the Starlink internet plan. CLICK Data and WiFi is not associated with Starlink or SpaceX.

For travel, caravan and RV options, please click here for the pricing structure.

WiFi Installation Pricing

WiFi Access Point

WiFi Expansion
$ 1100
  • Full Installation
  • Setup and Testing

WiFi Bridge

Point-to-Point System
$ 2295
  • For 450+ Mbps
  • Quality Ubiquiti Products
  • Other Options for 150Mbps
  • $1795 for 150Mbps throughput
  • Fully Installed
Connect Buildings

Mesh System

Seamless WiFi
$ 770
  • 3 Unit Mesh System
  • $575 For 2 Units
  • Seamless WiFi
  • No Cabling
  • Fully Installed

Outdoor WiFi

Range Up To 200m
$ 1195
  • Omni-directional
  • HUGE Range
  • Directional WiFi $1395
  • Directional >400m
  • Fully Installed
  CLICK Data and WiFi is a business to help you with your WiFi and Starlink needs. All enquiries are welcome and we will never push a hard sell on you. What we offer is advice and a professional service to give you the best solutions and experience when looking for a Starlink and WiFi specialist.

Call Us on 0434 90 7827 or,

Request An Installation Quote

    Starlink Plans and Pricing for Travel, Caravans and RVs

    For travellers wanting to take Starlink on the move with them, these are the current prices available from Starlink.