Extending the Height of Your Starlink Dish

It is often the case in areas where Starlink is more commonly used, that trees and other obstructions can come in between the Starlink dish and the satellite.

Starlink Installation SA offers a range of extension kits to get that extra height to overcome such problems.

The most common extension is the 3.3 metre extension kit as this is the smallest extension before moving to much larger structures which require guy wiring and much more materials.

Our 3 metre extension kit is neat and tidy and as mentioned earlier, can be installed without the need for a lot of support wiring all over your roof.

Starlink Installation SA has other alternatives to a maximum height of 9 metres for those really tricky areas.

Talk to us today if you are experiencing dropouts due to obstructions on your Starlink Service.

Phone or SMS 0434 90 STAR and we can discus your individual Starlink needs.

Starlink Install Adelaide Hills
Starlink Install Adelaide Hills
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