Starlink Roof Mount 1 Metre Pole - Metal or Tile Roof

The 1 metre roof mount for Starlink comes in two options.

Option 1 is the use of the 1 metre Starlink roof mount for colorbond or metal roofs, which comes with a base plate and 3-point fixings to secure the roof mount.

Option 2 is the tiled roof mount for Starlink, which has been customised to provide the best mounting method for a tiled roof.

The Starlink dish tile roof mount has been customised using Australian standard mounting solutions with a 3-point contact for securing the Starlink dish in all Australian weather conditions.

The tiled roof Starlink roof mount is designed with solid brackets that attached to the rafters underneath the tiles, eliminating the need to drill through and potentially damaging tiles. This design for the Starlink dish means water ingress and the potential for water leaks is dramatically reduced.