Starlink Roof Mount for Colorbond / Metal Roof

This roof mount for the Starlink dish has been customised for a sleek appearance while maintaining strength and durability for the Australian climate.

These Starlink roof mounts have been used by satellite installers for years and with the 3-point contact, this mount highly secure.

The Starlink roof mount featured here is designed specifically for metal or colorbond roofs and is designed for easy installation for both professionals and DIY’ers.

If your roof is clear of obstructions for the Starlink dish, then this roof mount is the perfect choice.

Another feature of this Starlink roof mount is the locking nut used specifically for the Starlink dish. This locking nut acts as both a guide for the cable sleeve of the Starlink dish as well as a redundancy securing mechanism to stop any movement of the Starlink dish once in place.