Starlink Installation Riverland

Starlink Installation Riverland including Loxton, Renmark, Berri, Barmera and Surrounds

It was December 21, 2021 (21/12/21) when Starlink Installation SA first installed a Starlink kit in Berri. The riverland is perfect for Starlink, due to the flat open landscape allowing very little obstuctions to the satellites above. The towns of Loxton, Renmark, Berri, Barmera, Kingston on Murray and the surrounding areas can now benefit from fast interent speeds with the Starlink system.

Most places are limited to fixed wireless NBN getting speeds less than 100Mbps. However, with Starlink you can increase those download speeds to more than 300Mbps.

Our Installs in the Area

The installation at Berri was on a new build home. The owners had fixed wireless NBN and was a gamer. The speeds of the NBN were not making games as smooth due to the reduced speeds.

Now with over 300Mbps the internet download speed is fantastic for all internet purposes.

Our Starlink installers service all areas of the Riverland including Berri, Barmera, Loxton, Renmark and all surrounding towns. If you want fast, reliable internet in the Riverland contact Starlink Installation SA via the form below and our installer will be in touch. Alternatively, you can SMS the Starlink installer “Starlink Installation” to 0434 90 STAR (7827).


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