Connect On-the-Go with Australian-Made Click Fidget Starlink Vechicle Mount

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip, running a remote business, or managing agricultural operations in a remote location, access to the internet is crucial. While Starlink’s satellite internet service has revolutionised connectivity in remote areas, setting it up in vehicles and mobile setups has been a bit challenging. That’s where the Click and Go Box comes to the rescue. This 12 Volt Starlink conversion kit, complete with an in-built router, plug-in Starlink cable, and Anderson plug, is a game-changer for caravan and camper users, remote businesses, and agricultural applications.

Seamless Starlink Integration

One of the standout features of the Click and Go Box is its seamless integration with Starlink’s satellite internet service. No more struggling with complicated modifications to your Starlink cable – this kit is designed for plug-and-play convenience. The included Starlink cable effortlessly connects to the satellite dish, eliminating the need for any alterations or additional equipment. This means you can set up your Starlink connection quickly and easily without any technical expertise.

12 Volt Power Supply

The Click and Go Box is powered by a 12 Volt system, making it ideal for use in caravans, campers, and other mobile setups. Unlike traditional internet setups that require an inverter to convert 12 Volt DC power to 120 Volt AC power, this kit operates directly on your vehicle’s power supply. This not only simplifies your setup but also conserves energy and reduces the need for bulky inverters. You can enjoy reliable internet access without the hassle and inefficiency of power conversion.

Built-In Router for Hassle-Free Connectivity

No internet setup is complete without a reliable router, and the Click and Go Box doesn’t disappoint. It comes equipped with an in-built router that’s optimised for Starlink’s satellite internet service. This means you get a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection, allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously. Whether you’re streaming, working, or communicating, you can count on this router to keep you connected no matter where your adventures take you.

Anderson Plug for Secure Connection

To ensure a secure and stable power connection, the Click and Go Box is equipped with an Anderson plug. Anderson plugs are known for their reliability and robust design, making them perfect for rugged outdoor use. When you’re on the road or out in the field, you can trust that your internet connection will remain solid, even in challenging conditions.

Versatile Applications

The Click and Go Box is not limited to just recreational use. Its versatility extends to a wide range of applications. Remote businesses, for example, can rely on this kit for uninterrupted online operations, ensuring productivity and communication are never compromised. In the agricultural sector, portable Wi-Fi has become essential for real-time monitoring and data collection, making this kit a valuable tool for farmers and ranchers operating in remote areas.


The Click and Go Box is a groundbreaking solution for those who demand reliable internet access on the go. With its effortless integration with Starlink, 12 Volt power supply, built-in router, and Anderson plug, it offers an unparalleled level of convenience and performance. Whether you’re a caravan enthusiast, a camper, a remote business owner, or an agricultural professional, this kit is designed to meet your connectivity needs without the hassle of complex installations or the need for power-hungry inverters.

Stay connected wherever your adventures take you with the Click and Go Box – your gateway to seamless, hassle-free internet access in the great outdoors and beyond. Don’t miss out on the benefits of staying connected; invest in the Click and Go Box today and experience the difference it makes in your mobile connectivity journey.


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